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If you are having leg vein problems you may need leg vein treatment. Varicose vein can occur on different parts of the body but occurs more in the leg. If you notice discoloration of bulging veins on your leg you need to visit a vein center immediately! The Vein Treatment Clinic is one of the top vein centers of America. The vein clinic has only the best vein doctors, selected based on merit. The entire team of veins specialist doctors at the vein treatment clinic are Board Certified. You should always ask if your vein doctor is Board Certified.

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Do Spider Veins Cause Soreness?

People are always curious to know that the visible veins noticed below the surface of the legs and face may cause redness, pain, bruising, and achy legs and whether they cause serious health issues. Since every person’s body functions in a different way. Therefore vein disorders may produce different indications in different persons. In such a case get the vein treatment TX from a vein specialist Texas.

Do spider veins cause Bruises?

The answer purely depends on the person. They can cause symptoms like pain and soreness, itchy legs and inflammation at the same time, and much more. The venous disorders can be different depending on the symptoms and the body structure of the person. But the veins’ size can differ, they can be major or minor. Sometimes people may consider the venous disorder as an aesthetic issue rather than a medical one. When people suffer from the venous disorder, they may experience the pooling of blood inside the damaged veins. The blood flow may be obstructed which means it can start moving backward and not forward as it should. The correct blood flow should flow throughout the body in one direction, always back to the heart.

What can be the causes?

If you ask whether spider veins cause bruises or not, maybe there is pain inside the veins. The reason behind this is that the growth of varicose veins over a particular part of the body or blood pooling in that area. In such a case, make an appointment with a vein specialist to determine the root cause and appropriate mode of treatment. Additionally, it is always a great idea to learn about the causes of these unsightly, painful veins. Also, you should know about the prevention measurements so that the possibility of recurrence can be diminished. You can also maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent the growth of varicose veins.


Laser and sclerotherapy are two major treatments that are popularly recommended to treat abnormal veins.

Laser treatment:

Laser treatment favors healthy blood flow and enhances the body’s immune system. The process is based on heat energy. The vein doctor Houston tx delivers the heat energy directly to the affected veins. The laser energy warms the inner lining of the swollen veins in the leg making them shrink and collapse. The body itself safely rearranges the route of blood through the healthy veins. The treatment not only produces effective results but is safe also.


Sclerotherapy is an injection-based vein treatment Houston that causes the veins to go through fibrosis. It is a clinical procedure that is utilized to extract varicose and spider veins. It generally includes an injection of salt solution. The solution causes irritation to the lining of the abnormal veins making them fall and stick together in order to form blood clotting.

Both the treatments are minimally invasive and can be conducted on an outpatient basis. You may be required to have more than one treatment depending on the condition of the patient. The number of doctor’s visits may be determined after making a discussion with a professional. This will help set the expected goals. If you want to maintain healthy veins, visit your vein specialist for treatment and prevention.

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